Work not requiring a formal Building Warrant application.


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Drawings  required for a Building Warrant Application:

These will include all construction drawings: location and site plans, existing buildings plans and elevations, proposed plans and elevations, detailed plans and elevations, small scale detailed drawings showing how the building parts are assmled. Full specification to Current Building Standards, all structural and heat loss calculations.


Warrant drawings will not show finished items such as the colour of internal walls, carpets and personal preffered ironmongery and fixture (eg. designed light fittings, gold taps, etc.).


To give you an idea of the drawings required click one of the: new build house;  house extension.

Ho Much does a building Warrant application cost?

The Costs for a Building Warrant applications are set by the Scottish Government.

Costs are based on a sliding scale dependent on the estimate of the construction project (see Building Warrants Scale of fees).  The scale of fees are the same for all Local authorities in Scotland.


Do I need to notify my Neighbours: statutory requirements.

There is no Statutory requirement to notify neighbours for a Building Warrant Approval: notification of neighbours is done at Planning Stage (Please note Planning permission deals with how the building looks and how it effects your neighbour and the immidiate environment. The Building warrant deals with Bricks and Mortar: the technical bits).

How long does it take and what is the Building Warrant  Process:

Two sets of drawings are sent to the Local authority together with the Application Form, the fee and any structural and heating calculations: other statutory certificates may be requested also.

  • After approximately two weeks the Agent or Applicant receives a receipt for the application.
  • After approximately a further Two weeks with an appointed officer your Agent will receive a list of queries, and request for additional infoormation ( this is the norm)
  • your Agent ( architect) meets Up with the Building Control officer and resolves any outstanding queries.
  • Some two weeks later the Building Warrant should be granted and received by your Architect.

Architect's fees (these will include Planning fees if required)

Our fees are charged depending on the complexity and some times the value of the design required.

For a new build house the fee is around £3000,

For an extension:between £500 and £1000,  depending on the number of stories and complexity.

Loft conversion about £700,

Garage conversion and conservatory the fee is between £300 and £350.


Common questions relating to Building Warrants.

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Education and Day Nurseries

A Building warrant  is granted by the Local Authority  and it is effectively the permission you will need to start the building operations on site. ( Planning Permission, if required, will have been granted by this stage).


Before you can start  building you will have to satisfy Building Control that your building is fit for purpose. In short, the proposals have to comply with the Building Regulations ( Scotland Act) 2015.



if you have carried out work without a Building Warrant, you might be able to obtain a letter of comfort. On the other hand, you will have to apply for a Building Warrant and pay 125% of the normal scale of fees: bearing in mind that any work not complying with the Building regulations will nee to be redone.


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