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The building of a Nursery should be  considered as an opportunity to create a positive, child-centred environment that can encourage and enhance physical, social and intellectual development, and allows the nursery staff a rewarding and valued role in their interaction with, and support of, the children.


The design of the nursery  is an important element in creating an appropriate environment for the support of a child. We pay particular  attention and care at the design stage regarding important fundamentals:

· the nature of the adult/child interaction

· the nature of the interaction between


· attention to health and safety and the type of

physical environment

· appropriate equipment/toys, well displayed and organised.








The construction of a Social Building is likely to encounter a fair degree of  local Objections.  This has tended to be manifested particularly with Children Care Homes. We believe that our design experience and report writing, can mitigate some of the objections. We can help to deliver a 3D visual environment and a design behavioral Report, that will help, at Community and Political levels, to alleviate some of the fears associated with the design and the loation of Social Buildings.

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