Environmental design

is not just Landscape Architecture; it is the process of addressing surrounding environmental parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, and buildings.


the irony of environmental design, and in particularly the shaping of public spaces, is that the more sponteneous and unplanned spaces have given us the most beautiful of  town Squares and Piazzas.


In the main, the example we offer have tended to resolve immidiate environmental problems rather than creating great Public  spaces. Most of our work has emanited from a neccessity to improve people's direct living environment. where possible environmental spaces have been re shaped and improved to give a sense of care.  


We can offer Local authorities and social landlords designs suited to their tenants needs. through  coloured scaled plans, 3D sketches, and Fly-Throughs, we can represent the design environment  and alter it as necessary, before a blade of grass is cut. we can design environmentally and easthetically acceptable security controlled measures, and appropriate demarkation features; gates and fences, seating etc..

Building Construction and Services

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