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After two years of providing this service we decided to drop the Industry standard "Home Reports, and have withdrawn from the Approved Register of Assessors due to competing economics, the direction that this particular industry has taken: becomimg more of a money making scheme rather than providing useful information for both seller and buyer. 


In our experience these Standard Form Reports are mainly commisioned on behalf of the seller by their Solicitor, or, indeed, Estate Agents. We have found such Reports very thin in substance, are sometimes misleading and factual incorrect. Many of such Reports we have had to deal with on behalf of customers deal with irrelevant issues, and are full of disclaimers; and hence, are of little value to both seller and buyer. 


Whilst these reports are still required by law, their worth is now being questioned by Building Professionals and Government alike. The Reports are likely to be scrapped, or likely to change drammatically, in order to make them more accountable and accurate.


Nonetheless, as building professionals, we still pride ourseves in providing accurate and honest building information.  Our reports will highlight  any potential building problem, but will also highlight all that is good about the building fabric. We can provide ABCDE energy rating, but more important we will explain and show you how we arrive at that rating through calculations in line with the industry Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).


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The Property Questionnaire should contains key information about the property that is being sold. The information is usually provided by the seller. The Questionnaire should include, information on council tax banding, rights of way and any improvements/alterations

to the property they have carried out, and possibly any outstanding legal charges attached to the property.

single survey

The Single Survey is a detailed survey of this property and should be carried out by a qualified and experienced individual.

It will include an estimate of market value. It should systematically cover all main points of note applicable to, at least, a visual inspection of the building fabric and surrounding grounds.

It should highlight any potential problems and and briefly recommend remedial actions.

mortgage valuation report

The valuation report is soleley for the benifit of the lender. it also serves as a guide as to how much the potential bidder should offer.


energy report

The main driving reasons for  the legal introduction of the "Home Report" was a desire for Governments to advise on the thermal efficiency of the property being sold.

The energy report should give honest and professional advise on how best to cut down on the consuption of energy required to heat the particular home, and hence to minimise the carbon dioxide emissions; and in the process save the potential buyer running costs.


The crux of the reality is that the the Governments own assesment procedure fails miserably when it is being applied to existing properties. It is almost near to impossible to give  accurate measurements of heat loss through an unknown fabric construction, and unknown ventilation criteria.  At best the results are totally guesstimates: with  recommendations  universally and easily offered, but not easily implemented.



Please note: a Home Report should always include an Energy Report and Certificate. The Energy Certificate can only be issued by a Registered and Accredited Assessor.


If in doubt check the register





A Home Report, if carried out to reasonable expectations, should include the following:

Building Construction and Services



Education and Day Nurseries