You might be considering the building of an extension to your home.  There are many reasons why an extension might be the easiest alternative to moving home. a larger home might not be easily available; you are settled in your area and don't want to lose close friends or family, your children education might be otherwise effected.


Indeed , given current economics it might prove less expensive to build rather than move.


What ever the reason, you have come to the right website. Here , we hope, you will find all the help you will need, if not  please call us. or better still fill in a form and we will call you back.

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On here we have tried to illustrate the most common type of extensions. Each web page is dedicated to that extension and has the following  information:


1. planning application costs,

2. building warrant application costs

3. other possible statutory costs.

4. Architect's fee for Planning             drawings

5. Architect's fee for Building warrant drawings

6. Whether it's likely to require additional structural engineer fee

8. Building costs operation.




Link to sample extension drawings









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One Storey

Two Storey

Building Construction and Services


Education and Day Nurseries