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Britain is a peculiar conuntry when it comes to new Built Housing. Compared to our European Neighbours, by far, the vast majority of new private houses are built by a handful of well known developers. The advantages of such a set up it's the readily available Housing market. There is a reasonable choice of house sizes types, and costs are pegged at what the sellers recons he can get away with. This is  essentially supermarket off-the-shelf housing. You buy what is available and best suits your needs.


The obvious downside of such a British setup is that it lacks individualism. One can easily travel the length and breadth of Britain and  still find  themselves faced with the same house design product.  Essentially new housing developments result from a compromise of minimum and tried Planning Standards, and a driving desire to maximise profits.


We understand the opportunity for a self build is a rare commodity in Britain. So when a client comes to us we will endevour to advise, present, and develop a design that not only ticks all the function boxes  for rooms sizes and requirements, but that it will be aesthetically  unique reflecting each clients individual preferred style. After all your home is the biggest investment that you will ever make, but more than that it should be as individual as unique as you are and be a part of your very self.



A new build bespoke house has to be the dream of each and every one of us.


Moving into a new build home is something special, But immagine moving into a new built home designed by your very own self? all the rooms, the size you want, in the right place, with the right feel.




We as architects, can help you realise that dream. Our designs are reflections of the clients' very own wishes and expectations ( as you can see from some of the already designed and built houses). We are merely here to guide you through the regulation, should these conflict with your expectations; and to make sure that a balanced approach to the aesthetic of the exterior  fits well with the surrounding and the expectations of the Planning Authorities .



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