Presently we offer a work specification and monitoring service.

This inludes: a survey of the repair / maintenance work required; followed by a written specification inclusive of quantified work to a general and reasonable expected standard of workmanship; and payment methods for work done.


A work and specification standard document is then issued to a minimum of three potential contractors. When all the tenders are then returned the best value for money is choosen, and a contract start date for the repair or maintenance is then agreed.


Whilst the work is underway, we will carry out periodical inspections, to ensure a good standard of workmanship, before any apportioned payments are made: thus safe guarding your, the clients, interest.


Our long term aim is to offer a Factoring Service, where we only charge for work maintenance and repair work necessary (no regular monthly costs). Setting the best collective building insurance to minimise owners costs, and keeping every property owner well informed of their respective collective and individual stastutory obligation at no costs ( see Factoring Oblogations for tenements and cottage flats)


do keep an eue out for forthcoming information on this page.