You may already have decided on the conservatory that best suits your home and requirement.  and it may be that the company you have selected will carry out the  the Statutory Applications for Planning and Building Warrant.  If this is the case, obtaining the statutory consent will be included in the costs.


If, on the other hand, these costs are in addition to the supply and build cost of the conservatory, (or it may be that you are merely considering purchasing a conservatory) then you may want to consider talking to us with a view to making seperate Planning and Building Warrant Applications. 


Our impartiality will ensure that you get the best professional service. We will be able to show you 3D photographic representation of your new conservatory (see slides to the left) and carry out professional drawings reflecting your final approved design solution.


We will need to carry out a measured survey of your home and by asking a few standard questions we will be able to offer you sound advice regarding the all statutory aspects.


This visit is essential as it allows us to evaluate site conditions and visible challenges that may need to be resolved in order that we can design the perfect conservatory for your home.






CONSERVATORIES: cost of architectural services


Our combined Planning and Building warrant application fee is a standard £300 for most conservatories, rising to a maximum of £400, for the more complex situations.

What we do for you will include:

Discussion, followed by a measured survey;  a 3D representation of your new conservatory and home,    Coloured Planning Drawings and   Building Warrant Drawings- including filling in the respective applications and acting as your agent in the process of obtaining the statutory consents.




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